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Aizumusume "Jo" Junmai Ginjo Hanasakasakai

Aizumusume "Jo" Junmai Ginjo Hanasakasakai

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The "Jo(穣)" series centers around the concept of "Ichi-Den-Ichi-Jo (一田一醸)", meaning "Junmai Ginjo sake brewed from rice harvested from a single paddy field." This series releases sake by paddy field and by season.

It uses Gohyakumangoku rice cultivated in a paddy field named Hanasakasakai 22.
The aroma is rich, with a fruity scent that slightly resembles honey, and a hint of oiliness.
When you take a sip, a rich, sweet umami flavor spreads gently in your mouth. The texture is very smooth. The fresh, dense flavor is enveloped by high-quality acidity. The gentle aftertaste is accompanied by a subtle bitterness, with a moderately clean finish, leaving a mineral impression.

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